SC - JE50S46 JUICE EXTRACTOR To compare Compared

SKU sc-je50s46
Power, W 150
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 60


SC-JE50S46 Slow juicer 150W features reverse function! Live cold-pressed non-settled juice retains up to 80% of vitamins, minerals and antioxydants! With shaft speed of 60 rpm and noise level less than 60 dB, you can expect comfortable operation at any time of the day. 550 ml pulp bin, 700 ml container for juice, and brush for filter cleaning are included! Anti-drop function will ensure practical use and help to get rid of unwanted stains on the table. The juicing at low speeds allows you to get rich juice even from berries and greens. Automatic lock in case of improper assembly will ensure safe operation. Less parts with higher performance: easy to wash and easy to assemble! Neutral solution in black color will make the juicer fit any interior design!


Type: Screw

Power, W: 150

Reverse function: Yes

Shaft rotation speed, rpm: 60

Juice container: 700

Pulp container, ml: 550

Anti-drip system: Yes

Protection: Built-in safety system

Accessories included: Cleaning brush

Color: Black